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Me and Mini Me
OR My Life Was Being Stalked by a Midget

Linda is three years younger than me and is one of the kindest people I have ever known. But back then, what a pain in the neck! She followed me everywhere and was a self-appointed spy for my parents. She'd jump out of the bushes where she'd been hiding, watching me and my best friend Jeannie have a tea party with our Barbie dolls in Jeannie's back yard. I used a "dirty" word once when I spilled tea on my blouse.
"I'm telling mommy what you said!" she screamed and ran through Mr. and Mrs. Cotton's back yard braving their sticker bushes just so she could get home before me and "report" me.

It was all about deep imagination then, tied to epic emotions; betrayal, love, incredible vanity, revenge, and bitter, heart-rending disappointment. Our lives settled down, but for women who have sisters the life-and-death level of drama remains.