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Park Guell, Barcelona Spain

Park Guell, Barcelona Spain

I'd sailed to Europe on a student ship but when we docked in South Hampton, my boyfriend and I took off together to the continent. In Barcelona the brilliant but disturbing architecture of Antoni Gaudi, dominates the city. Like all good artists, he provides a road map to the unspoken, and the unrealized in ourselves. I rediscovered this photo last week and I thought how sad and austere I appeared to be; rigidly posed, hair pulled back, stark white top unadorned with color. Glued to the back of the photograph, I found a poem I wrote. I don't know if it's from the same time period, but serendipity makes it so. This is it:

Time is nothing but forgetting
Healing plays no part.
Wounds are opened over and over,
And we all die from a broken heart.

Underneath the poem I wrote,"The meter is suspect, the sentiment weak." Reading it now, I kind of like it.